This is a Press Kit Simulation I wrote for my Full Sail Media Communications class on 16 Nov 15. The task was to not only create a press kit portfolio, but to also create a fictitious backstory for the press release.

I am all things Bruce Wayne. But it is time for Bruce, Penquin and Gotham City to mash it up with the super powers of Omaha’s Oracle, Warren Buffet to make changes in this election year. Click if you “Like”. Comment please & tell me what you think about my professionalism, writing, and my out-the-box creativity!

Tammy Tyree, Media Strategist-Analyst

Gotham City Press Relations Offices

Gotham City Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Board

Press Release: November 16, 2015

Gotham’s Crime Lull Perfect for Wayne’s All-New G.C. Announcement and Art Fest: Billionaire’s Policy Has Jobs and Free Mental Care to Everyone…For Peace’s Sake.

Backgrounder: November 16, 2015

The recent 10-day absence of crime in Gotham City is not a coincidence, attributed to a coordinated effort between Gotham City Police Department, known crime syndicate boss Oswald (Penguin) Cobblepot and Wayne Enterprises named All-New Gotham City (ANGC).

The ANGC Treaty comprised of the GCPD and the GCMob, assembled by GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon, specific missions are keeping the peace in GC for more than 10 days at a time; securing the upcoming Bruce Wayne Downtown Arts Festival on April 22-May 2, 2016; and upholding the dream that everyone working together ridding the city and country of terrorism and terroristic threats from all arenas, can and will be done.

This Treaty is not nearly the icing on the cake for the 2016 springtime festival.

The amazing news is Wayne Enterprises has begun the development of a “super-package” hiring every citizen in Gotham City and surrounding areas with jobs starting next week.  Starting pay for entry-level positions will begin at the newly increased State minimum wage of $16.50 an hour and free mental health will be available for everyone in the area.

Wayne Enterprises contribution to this monumental “state-of-emergency” gesture has been recorded as the most philanthropic act in history.  Bruce Wayne is said to have had several consultations with Bill Gates, and in the home of Warren Buffet of Omaha, Nebraska.  Upon further talks, Wayne has challenged Gates and Buffet to match, dollar-for-dollar, in making Omaha and Oakland, California two model-city-test markets alongside the saving of Gotham City from its shootings, crime and corruption.

The Democratic National Convention will be the first public mention of All-New Gotham City but the launch pad to announce in its entirety will be at the Bruce Wayne Downtown Arts Festival April 22-May 2, 2016 and throughout the Waynestock Music Mash inside the Appletrees-In-Blossom Vineyard and Amphitheatre.

Performance Anxiety is no stranger to my life’s testimony. After years of living with the horror of, and seeking help for performance anxiety, I know I have quite a bit of truth (and fact) to offer to the next victim of this condition. It is my honor to share it (& thanks Full Sail, for the push). Read more … 

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My full PowToon presentation, (shown at the above link as a PDF slide) is one of my absolute, favorite Full Sail University Media Communications class projects.  Originally a 1 minute, 30 second PowToon cartoon video created by Yours Truly, my video seems to render unsupported, so I can’t show you how cute my music bed fit behind my cute lil’ vid.
Take note of my cartoon characters’ cape on her back, thus naming her    “Tammy: The Super Speaker” (click below).  I now channel her as my alter ego “go-to” when I am executing my voice-over work.




“Catfish Corner”
I had already voiced and appeared in a TV spot for a local restaurant named Catfish Corner and wanted to take their campaign to the next level. My vision was to take my completed script and video and add new video to it, but that would mean hiring a videographer and editor.  So how about a little DIY (do it yourself/myself)…I think I’m gonna add animation instead, using Powtoons: saving me money and boosting my creativity.

Tammy M. Tyree (producer, Pro-Tools editor, voice-over actor)

LISTEN: file://localhost/Users/tammytyree/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/Voice%20Memos/ProTools-Catfish%20CornerWK7.m4a 
SCRIPT: file://localhost/Users/tammytyree/Desktop/Catfish%20script%20class.pdf 

First blog post

As a voice actor or voice-over artist for documentaries, commercials, promos, narration and live hosting or announcing, as well as being a polished studio session singer and on-stage theater performer… what is most important to me is: to create relationships and absorb as much knowledge and feedback from industry professionals and mentors in the voice-over, copy/script writing and media strategist/analysts communities as possible…creating a dynamic client list and a steady stream of employment for myself in the voice media industry.  Additional focus for my blog is: to share resourceful news and positive “info-taining” pieces covering friends, colleagues and others in the arts, sports and voice entertainment industries, and how they describe and share their journey’s.